After 10 years, circumstances beyond our control has forced us to close up shop.  
By specializing in classic Chevy hubcapsFord hubcaps, parts and accessories we are able to provide you with the most complete line of hubcaps, beauty rings and wheel covers as well as hard to find parts and accessories  for your hotrod or restoration project. We have the knowledge and experience to assist you in choosing the right application for your Ford  or Chevy Hotrod projects. We carry a complete line of the most popular and sought after hubcaps, beauty rings, and wheel covers as well as those hard to find parts. Many of our products are universal and will fit a variety of applications for your hotrod or classic restoration. Also, many of our wheel products come in the most popular wheel sizes.
Our Chevy, Ford and hot rod products are made from only the highest quality materials. Our polished stainless steel Full Moon Hubcaps, Brushed Wheel Discs, or Chrome Fiesta Hubcaps will make any Hotrod stand out in the crowd. We carry OEM reproduction style hubcaps for many Ford and Chevy cars and trucks from 1928-1960s.
Are you tired of paying top dollar for 50 year old rusted, dented, destroyed parts and hubcaps? For the same price you can have brand new parts, hubcaps, beauty rings, and wheel covers for your Chevy or Ford hotrod or restoration project tomorrow. Contact us today to place your order!