Wasp Removal Products

The safest method of removing wasps is to call a professional exterminator who has the equipment to remove the hive which will solve your wasp problem. However, there are aerosol sprays that can be used in the area where wasps are seen that will give you some protection against wasps if there is not a wasp hive in that area. If the wasps are attracted to a bush, you can spray the bush with one of the aerosol sprays that are especially formulated to repel insects from the bush.
If the wasps are in a closed in area, spraying the wasp will probably cause you more grief than getting a fly squatter and trying to hit it when it lands. The safest way to remove a wasp from a closed in area is to spray the area and remove yourself until you are sure that the wasp is dead. If the area is too big, the wasp can be attracted to a sticky pole that attracts flying insects. The safest way of getting rid of a wasp from within a closed in area is to spray it when it lands and remove it carefully when it is dead. A wasp is not one of nature’s friendliest insects.